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Whoo-whee! Moving can be dumb!XD
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After the Ottawa Senators were bounced in Round 2, my hockey-watching time for this year ended, as I no longer cared who won what.

That means I didn't watch any of the Final, minus the Cup presentation.

To me, a victory for the United States, at Canada's expense, is NOT EVER okay. The 23 U.S. NHL clubs owe Canada a return on the fact that the 7 Canadian hockey markets pay the bills for the league.

And I will not be happy until the 23 U.S. NHL clubs 20 year NHL streak ends at the hands of ANY OF THE SEVEN Canadian NHL clubs.

I will only care again once I see either VAN, CGY, EDM, WPG, TOR, OTT, or MTL hoist the trophy on NBC. And rub it in the faces of Bettman, the league office, the team they beat, the city they screw, and the U.S. TV network who sponges off Canada's NHL clubs.

To hell with BOS, PIT, CHI, and LA for making the Conference Final.

To hell with BOS and CHI for making the Cup Final.

To hell with CHI for winning the title.

And fuck all those who watch the NHL, just to cheer the 23 U.S. NHL clubs, no matter where you live.

Though I am happy, a tiny bit, that the team who beat the Leafs lost the Cup. BOS did NOT profit off the pain of the Leafs, and the Leafs fans, to a title win.

And from here on, to all of you here at this forum, I have no intention of congratulating the fans of a U.S. NHL club who win the title. You can all fuck yourselves, as, to me, only the fans who cheer for VAN, CGY, EDM, WPG, TOR, OTT, and MTL matter and count for everything in the NHL.

And it would be nice to see someone with a Canadian birth certificate become the new NHL commissioner, and serve the championship needs of ONLY the 7 Canadian NHL clubs.

That way, hockey's popularity in the U.S. dies. No one truly gives a flying fuck about the fans of the 23 U.S. NHL clubs anyway. Fuck you all.

The ULTIMATE issue here is League Politics. To the league office, in New York, by the way, is perception of the league's image to those hockey fans in the U.S.

Gary Bettman doesn't care about those who cheer Canada's NHL clubs, and he does NOT EVER want either VAN, CGY, EDM, WPG, TOR, OTT, or MTL to EVER AGAIN win the title, and especially not on NBC.

To him, it's not okay for Canada to ever celebrate anything on an American TV network, or for any Canadian city to be discussed on NBC at length, cause heaven forbid the U.S. loses tourist dollars to, what is to them, a backwater city that doesn't appeal to the American mainstream.

A Canadian NHL club, who would win the title, would unseat the American commissioner who is running Canada's National Sport, and, hopefully, a Canadian(maybe me), would take over, and end the 'Great American Hockey Experiment' dead in it's tracks.

And, last I checked, Canada's NHL fans pay the bills for the league, not the ones in the U.S. CBC's TV revenues are far higher than NBC's, therefore, CBC should be doing the schedule for the playoffs, not NBC or the league head office.

The NHL is Canada's cultural and financial investment to the world. Not the United States. Which means, to me, Canada should govern the sport everywhere, not any other country.

And with this Lost 2 Decades that Canada's NHL clubs have had to suffer, I'm fed up to the top of my head with no championship return on MY investment.

No title will come back to Canada, as long as Americans keep being in political command of the NHL.

That's what I think of the remainder of this year's playoffs, since OTT was eliminated.

Oh, and once again, fuck those who disagree with me, cause I'm not listening, and don't care at all about YOUR Pro-U.S., anti-Canada propaganda.

Eat shit.


And for your information, I live in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, a city that the NHL head office ordered the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Buffalo Sabres to veto any membership bid into the NHL, due to geography, when there is more than enough room for 3 teams in a competitive triangle of NHL insanity around the Golden Horseshoe. No excuses.

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